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Permissible to ReceiveN/A9/1/2010Unknown Hebrew NewspaperForbidden to Donate; Permissible to ReceiveN/A9/1/2010Counter PunchBody of the Terroristview webpage 8/31/2010ynetnews.comIsrael Leader in finding Potential Organ Donorsview webpage 8/17/2010NY TimesOut of Grief Sprouts a Lifesaving Legacyview webpage 8/16/2010The Jerusalem PostFired up to fight kidney failure view webpage 8/12/2010Arutz ShevaUS Jew Flies to Israel to Donate Kidneyview webpage 8/1/2010New York TimesA Plan to Recover More Organs for Transplantview webpage 7/26/2010revach.netRav Moshe Shternbuch: “Should I Give My Sister A Kidney?”view webpage 7/15/2010Vos Iz Neias London – Frustration after Beth Din Stalls Organ Donation Drive view webpage 7/15/2010Failed Messiah.comBritish Haredi Religious Court Stalls Organ Donation Driveview webpage 7/15/2010Jewish UpdatesLondon – Frustration after Beth Din Stalls Organ Donation Driveview webpage 6/4/2010The GuardianSaving a Life Trumps Dogmaview webpage 6/2/2010Zimbio.comDonate Life – Organ Donation Awarenessview webpage 5/27/2010Tablet MagazineOrgan Donor Law Hits Orthodox Oppositionview webpage 5/10/2010New York TimesShould Laws Push for Organ Donationview webpage 5/10/2010Brooklyn Daily EagleHikind, Orthodox Jews Here Fight Organ Donation Billview webpage 5/10/2010CNNCalifornia, NY mull changes to organ donor lawsview webpage 5/7/2010The Jerusalem PostBrother Can You Spare a Kidneyview webpage 4/26/2010The Philadelphia Jewish VoiceHope from Traumaview webpage 4/23/2010Vos Iz NeiasIsrael – Health Ministry to Reexamine Problematic Brain-Death Lawview webpage 4/21/2010New York TimesOne More Organ Donorview webpage 4/21/2010NTD TelevisionKidney Transplant Breakthrough in Israelview webpage 4/8/2010ynetnews.comOrgans Donated Thanks to Facebookview webpage 3/25/2010worldofjudaica.comIsraeli Organ Transplant Innovation will save Thousandsview webpage 3/22/2010HaaretzFirst kidney transplant involving different blood types performed in Israelview webpage 3/21/2010Vos Iz NeiasIsrael – Country’s First Kidney Transplant Involving 2 Different Blood Typesview webpage 3/16/2010The Jewish JournalSurgery Prompts Examination of Jewish Concept of Soulview webpage 3/15/2010ShlashdotIn Israel, Potential Organ Donors Could Jump the Queueview webpage 3/15/2010Hashkafah.comNew Law for Organs in Israel (+ comments)view webpage 3/14/2010Washington PostFrom Israel, a radical way to boost organ donationview webpage 3/14/2010The Straits TimesBoost to organ donation? view webpage 3/13/2010San Francisco ExaminerFrom Israel, a new way to boost organ donation, but some see a religious problem N/A3/13/2010Vos Iz NeiasJerusalem – Does Radical New Way to Boost Organ Donation Discriminate Against Ultra-Orthodox Jews? view webpage 3/12/2010Post-BulletinFrom Israel, a radical way to boost organ donationview webpage 2/22/2010The Jerusalem PostAsk the Rabbi – Organ Donationview webpage 2/11/2010Jewish Ideas DailyThe Heart or the Head?view webpage 2/2/2010The Jerusalem PostOrgan Transplants Increase Only Slightlyview webpage 1/29/2010Failed MessiahHiding The Truth: The RCA’s Ethicist And Israeli Organ Donationsview webpage 1/29/2010The Jerusalem PostEthics @ Work: Recompense for Organ Donorsview webpage 1/28/2010Tablet MagazineIsrael’s New Organ Donor Policiesview webpage 1/28/2010Matzav.comKidney Mitzvah: Israel’s Remarkable New Steps to Solve its Organ Shortageview webpage 1/28/2010Totally Jewish.comCan The Board Remain Relevant? 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(Hebrew)view webpage 9/21/2009JTATwo Jewish groups back patient autonomyview webpage 9/13/2009ynetnews.comLitzman Challenges Rabbinateview webpage 9/10/2009HaaretzNo givers thus no takersview webpage 9/2/2009CNNDonor says he got thousands for his kidneyview webpage 9/2/2009The Progressive MindIsraeli Organ Brokers Still Operating – $100,000 Buys Transplant But Not Good Health view webpage 9/1/2009Judische Gemeinde zu BerlinBeginne mit dem mann im Spiegelview webpage 9/1/2009The Jewish WeekThe Case for Selling Human Organs – by R Bermanview webpage 9/1/2009Unknown Hebrew NewspaperLitzman: Death – Only when the heart stopsN/A8/23/2009Vos Iz NeiasSome Rabbis Working to Get Halachic Approval for Organ Donationview webpage 8/23/2009Matzav.comOrgan Donation Standards Differ with Psak of Rav Eliyashivview webpage 8/20/2009Townhall.comIn NYC , cash and connections can get you a kidneyview webpage 8/20/2009Vos Iz NeiasRabbi’s Kidney Donation Inspires Communityview webpage 8/19/2009Ha’aretz.comTop Sweden newspaper accuses I.D.F. of harvesting Palestinian Organsview webpage 8/14/2009The Jewish Daily ForwardKidney Donation Scandal Sparks New Debate over Spekter’s Organ Legislationview webpage 8/6/20095 Towns Jewish TimesLetters to the Editor – Halachic Organ DonationN/A8/2/2009Vos Iz NeiasRoad Accident Victim Saves 9 with Organ Donationview webpage 7/31/2009Five Towns Jewish TimesThe Halachah of Kidneysview webpage 7/30/2009NPRThe International Organ Trafficking Marketview webpage 7/30/2009Tablet: A New Read on Jewish LifeOrgan Donation’s Legality: Jewish and Otherwiseview webpage 7/29/2009The Jewish WeekNew Light on Organ Traffickingview webpage 7/29/2009The Jewish Daily ForwardHow Kidneys are Bought and Sold on Black Marketview webpage 7/27/2009Vos Iz NeiasDoes Jewish Law Permit Donating a Kidney? What about Selling One?view webpage 7/24/2009SlateOrgan Failureview webpage 7/24/2009Failed MessiahBackground: Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Organ Donationview webpage 7/17/2009New York TimesLetters: A Long Line for Transplants: Is it Fairview webpage 7/11/2009New York TimesA Better Way to Get Kidneyview webpage 7/8/2009THIRTEEN WNETHeart of Jenin – Does Your Religion Allow Organ Donation? 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8/6/2008Haaretz(Hebrew) The Haredi Response to the ADI Organ Donor CardN/A8/6/2008The Jerusalem PostEdah Haredit Develops ‘Anti-Donor’ Cardview webpage 8/6/2008HaaretzUltra-Orthodox Community Issues Anti-Organ Donor Cardsview webpage 8/5/2008Haaretz(Hebrew) National Transplant Center: 62% Increase in Organ DonationN/A8/4/2008The Jerusalem PostOrgan Transplants and Potential Donors Riseview webpage 7/31/2008CrownHeights.infoORA Honours Rabbi Feldmanview webpage 7/22/2008Yeshiva World NewsNew Law in NJ (Comments)view webpage 7/17/2008The Jewish PressHalachic Support for Heart TransplantsN/A7/17/2008The New York TimesFor Some Jews, It Only Sounds Like ‘Taboo’view webpage 7/17/2008The Associated PressSurgeons Taking Kidneys Through The Navelview webpage 7/16/2008Canadian Jewish Congress Op-EdsDestroying Jewish Myths About Organ Donationview webpage 7/4/2008The Jewish WeekAn ‘Angel’ From Alabamaview webpage 7/1/2008Agudat AdiThe Importance of Organ Donation According to Halachaview webpage 7/1/2008Hirhurim BlogComments on Organ DonationN/A6/27/2008The Jewish PressEnd of Life Issues From A Jewish PerspectiveN/A6/23/2008Yeshivah World NewsDayan Goldberg Shlita Supports Adi Organ Donor Cardsview webpage 6/22/2008Yidiot Achronot (Hebrew)Dayan Goldberg Shlita Supports Adi Organ Donor CardsN/A6/1/2008Community MagazineNew Israeli Law Encourages Donationview webpage 5/26/2008The Jerusalem ReportDifficult Donation- The Solution is Education (Letter)view webpage 5/20/2008The Jerusalem PostLetters – Peress and Bermanview webpage 4/28/2008The Jerusalem ReportDifficult Donationesview webpage 4/9/2008The Jewish WeekOrgan Donation: Legal, But Still ControversialN/A4/7/2008HaaretzLetter to the Editorview webpage 4/7/2008ynetnews.co.il (Hebrew)ynet – HealthN/A4/5/2008HaaretzMitzvah, Not Murderview webpage 4/3/2008HaaretzEncourage Organ Donationview webpage 4/2/2008MaarivRav Amar (in Hebrew)N/A4/1/2008MaarivTransplant law: The Rabbis folded (in Hebrew)N/A3/28/2008Yeshiva World NewsEretz Yisroel: 16 Transplants in 48 Hoursview webpage 3/27/2008Yeshiva World NewsLeading Chareidi Rabbonim Oppose Brain Death Lawview webpage 3/27/2008ynetnews.comUltra-Orthodox rabbis slam organ donation billview webpage 3/27/2008HaaretzIf the heart is beating, its murderview webpage 3/26/2008South Jerusalem: Gershom Gorenberg and Haim WatzmanOrgan Donation and the Rabbisview webpage 3/26/2008Failed MessiahHaredim and Organ Donation, part 2view webpage 3/25/2008Failed MessiahHaredim and Organ Donation (Part One)view webpage 3/25/2008intelive.tvKnesset approves organ donation lawview webpage 3/25/2008HaaretzWhat will the Rabbis do?view webpage 3/25/2008HaaretzWith top Rabbi’s blessing,Knesset approves organ donation law N/A3/25/2008Arutz ShevaBrain-Death definition bill on way to passageview webpage 3/25/2008The Jerusalem PostMK: Hundreds of organ transplants may lose fundingview webpage 3/25/2008ynetnews.comRabbi’s divided on organ donation law view webpage 3/25/2008Yeshiva World NewsBrain Death is Death According to New Organ Donation Lawview webpage 3/25/2008Arutz ShevaNew Legislation Encourges Organ Donationview webpage 3/25/2008Arutz ShevaCompromise Found on Kidney-Donor Benefitsview webpage 3/25/2008The Jerusalem PostAnalyze This: Vital organsview webpage 3/24/2008ynetnews.comBrain death – death for all purposes (in Hebrew)N/A3/24/2008MSNBC‘Dead’ man recovering after ATV accidentview webpage 3/24/2008The Jerusalem PostKnesset approves organ donation lawview webpage 3/24/2008ynetnews.comKnesset approves compensation for organ donors view webpage 3/22/2008The Jerusalem PostTransplants of toddler’s organs save lives of four children view webpage 3/20/2008The Riverdale PressJewish law can complicate organ donors’ taskview webpage 3/19/2008Rishon LeTzion PressA Program for Life (in Hebrew)N/A3/9/2008The Boston GlobeFatal Flawview webpage 3/4/2008The New York TimesA Donor Match Over Small Talk and Coffeeview webpage 2/27/2008The New York TimesSurgeon Accused of Speeding a Death to Get Organsview webpage 2/26/2008The Jerusalem PostThe Life You Save view webpage 2/17/2008The Jerusalem PostAsk the Rabbi: Organ donationview webpage 2/17/2008AishA Different Olympic Torch view webpage 2/13/2008The Jerusalem PostCanadian campaigner warns of illegal organ harvestingview webpage 2/11/2008AishA Kidney To Giveview webpage 2/5/2008ynetnews.comKnesset passes bill to boost organ donationsview webpage 2/5/2008ynetnews.comynet HealthN/A1/31/2008Arutz ShevaRabbis: Jews Must Lead Condemnation of Chinaview webpage 1/30/2008The Jerusalem PostBowling: Moshiko AFI Playoffs begin this Weekend view webpage 1/28/2008amednews.comEconomists’ Study says paying for organs would reduce wait listsview webpage 1/18/2008This American LifeMatchmakersview webpage 1/3/2008New Jersey Jewish NewsTransplant Debate: Bill raises conflicts among Orthodox on permissibility of organ donationview webpage 12/24/2007Yeshiva Ateret YerushalayimIt is a great Mitzvah to Donate Organsview webpage 12/23/2007Israel HayomCorrect LegislationN/A12/21/2007MaarivImpact on LifeN/A12/16/2007New York Times MagazineDesperately Seeking a Kidneyview webpage 12/11/2007Health News DigestPaying for Donor Organs Could Drastically Increase Availabilityview webpage 12/2/2007HaaretzOrgans of IDF soldier donated to five people in Israel, Germanyview webpage 12/2/2007HaaretzCompensation for organ donation view webpage 11/12/2007MaarivMeirav Can Begin to Smile AgainN/A11/1/2007Israeli MediaTzoed KadimaN/A10/28/2007HaZofeRabbi Avraham Elkana Shapira zt”l and His Contribution to the Issue of Brain Death (Hebrew)N/A10/26/2007The Jewish WeekSmall Organ-Donor Pool Imperils IsraelisN/A10/19/2007HaaretzTurn the ADI Card Into a Binding Willview webpage 10/17/2007HaaretzConsensus found on bill to define brain death as rabbis reach breakthroughview webpage 10/15/2007Wall Street JournalOne Surgeon’s Twist On Organ Donationview webpage 10/15/2007Wall Street JournalKidney Swaps Seen As Way To Ease Shortage view webpage 10/15/2007HaaretzIsrael Medical Association says proposal before Knesset would encourage organ-traffickingview webpage 10/11/2007The Jerusalem PostSchneller bills seeks doctor trainingview webpage 10/10/2007SlateKidney Picking view webpage 10/6/2007ynetnews.comA Mitzva called organ donationview webpage 10/3/2007Yidiot AchronotMeshi-Zahav on Organ Donation (in Hebrew)N/A10/1/2007Yidiot AchronotLetting Sick People DieN/A9/25/2007HaaretzPulse Normal; Brain Deadview webpage 9/23/2007Yidiot AchronotOrgan Donation – Are the Religious for or against it? (In Hebrew)N/A9/21/2007The Jewish JournalFinding Our Fourthview webpage 9/20/2007ynetnews.comADI, Reform Movement launch ‘book of life’ projectview webpage 9/19/2007Yidiot AchronotRav Aviner on Organ Donation (in Hebrew)N/A9/16/2007T.V English IBA NewsTV Interview with Robby Bermanview webpage 8/30/2007The New York PostThat’s Using Old Kidneysview webpage 8/28/2007Yidiot AchronotThe Honor of the Doctors (in Hebrew)N/A8/14/2007TV English Ch. 33 NewsTV Interview with Robby Bermanview webpage 8/13/2007Yidiot AchronotA kidney transplant in Eilat is from an American donor (Hebrew)N/A8/13/2007Channel 7 News -WSVNFamily fights to keep their 4-year-old on life supportview webpage 8/12/2007TV Channel 1 NewsHODS Finds Living Kidney Donor for Israeli SoldierN/A8/12/2007TV English IBA NewsHODS Finds Living Kidney Donor for Israeli Soldierview webpage 8/10/2007The Jewish ChronicleMy Internet Kidney Gift N/A8/8/2007ynetnews.comA Kidney from the Heartview webpage 8/7/2007Yidiot AchronotThanks to Mom, Dad and Eric who saved my life (in Hebrew)N/A8/6/2007TV Channel 1 NewsMoshiko’s Bar Mitzvahview webpage 8/6/2007TV Channel 10 NewsMoshiko’s Bar Mitzvahview webpage 8/5/2007TV Channel 2 NewsMoshiko’s Bar Mitzvahview webpage 8/2/2007TV English IBA NewsMoshiko Bar Mitzvahview webpage 8/2/2007Yidiot AchronotA Kidney from the Heart (in Hebrew)N/A8/2/2007Yidiot AchronotHappy Endingview webpage 7/20/2007The Jerusalem PostAmerican Man’s Kidney to give Soldier New Lease on Lifeview webpage 7/7/2007Lower Hudson On LineSpring Valley Man does Mitzvah by Donating KidneyN/A7/1/2007614 HBI eZINEBy The Bookview webpage 7/1/2007614 HBI eZINEBehind Closed Doorsview webpage 7/1/2007614 HBI eZINEThoughts of a Donorview webpage 5/25/2007The Jewish ChronicleThe LifeSaverN/A5/1/2007The Jerusalem PostIsraeli Suspected of Organ Traffickingview webpage 4/14/2007SlateShopped Liver- The worldwide market in human organs.view webpage 4/1/2007Lincoln Square Synagouge LightMais Mitzvah- and Organ DonationN/A3/22/2007The Jerusalem PostLung lobe transplants from live donors to be performed at the Rabin Medical Center view webpage 3/16/2007The Wall Street JournalDoing Well By Doing Good view webpage 3/15/2007Yidiot AchronotA chain was given in memory of Nati (Hebrew)N/A3/11/2007AP22 Die in China Coal Mine Accidentview webpage 3/8/2007CBS NewsWanna Cut Your Jail Time?view webpage 3/8/2007SFgate.com S.C. 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