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Emergency Phone Number: +1-877-700-HODS or +1-877-700-4637

If you need to immediately consult with a Rabbi before making a decision concerning an actual case of organ donation then this is considered a medical emergency because you can save 8 lives.

First, try to contact Robby Berman by doing the following three things:
(1) Call his U.S. cell phone number at: +1-646-645-4637
(2) Send him an email at: robbyberman@hods.org
(3) Call his cell phone number in Israel at: 011-972-52-527-5284 (from the US) or +972-52-527-5284 (from outside the US) or 052-527-5284 (from within Israel).
You can also contact Robby in Israel using the following US telephone number:+1-646-330-5753.

In addition, the following Orthodox Rabbis have agreed to be contacted.  Please note:  If you are calling the Rabbi on Shabbat or a Jewish Holiday, since this is a life saving matter the Rabbis are willing to answer your call.  You may need to call their phone numbers repeatedly so the Rabbi knows this is a medical emergency and he will eventually answer the phone.  Please start by calling the Rabbis that are geographically closest to you (country, state, and city).



  • Rabbi Moshe Tendler
    Work: 1-212 -960-5256
    Yeshiva University:  +1-212- 960-5400
    Home Address: 4 Cloverdale Lane
    Monsey, NY
    Home:  +1-845-356-7456
    Email: doctend@aol.com

  • Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, Manhattan, NY
    Home: 993 Park Avenue
    New York, NY, 10028
    Home:  +1-212-628-0340
    Email: rhl@ckj.org


  • Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
    Congregation Ahavath Torah
    Synagogue: 240 Broad Avenue
    Home: 221 Sunset Ave
    Englewood, NJ
    Office:  +1-201-568-5860
    Home:  +1-201-568-6551
    Cell:  +1-201-414-1917


  • Rabbi Barry Freundel
    Kesher Israel
    Synagogue: 2801 N Street, NW,   
    Home: 3026 O St. NW
    Washington, D.C
    Office:  +1-202-333-2337
    Home:  +1-202-333-3579
    Cell:  +1-202-258-5172
    Email: dialectic@aol.com                              


                                                  • Rabbi Ari Perl
                                                    Congregation Shaare Tefilla
                                                    Synagogue: 6131 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX
                                                    Office:  +1-972-661-0127 ex. 22
                                                    Cell:  +1-214-316-8037
                                                    Email: rabbiariperl@gmail.com


  • Rabbi Joseph Polak
    Synagogue: 213 Bay State Rd
    Home: 61 Longwood Ave
    Boston, MA
    Email: rjp@bu.edu
    Office: +1-617-353-7200
    Home: +1-617-739 2767
    Cell:  +1-617-212 2498
    Email: rjp@bu.edu

    Rabbi Polak writes: “If it’s Shabbos or Chag, I live within walking distance of most major hospitals in the Boston medical area, and I can be contacted by someone tapping on my front window to the left of my entrance at 61 Longwood Ave.”


  • Rabbi Reuvan Bulka
    Congregation Machzikei Hadas
    Synagogue: 2310 Virginia Drive
    Home: 1747 Featherston Drive
    Ottawo, Ontario Canada
    Office:  +1-613-521-9700
    Cell:  +1-613-227-1872

  • Rabbi Michael Whitman
    URL: www.adath.ca
    Adath Israel Poale Zedek Anshei Ozeroff
    Synagogue: 223 Harrow Crescent
    Home: 246 Netherwood Crescent
    Hampstead, Quebec H3X 3X7
    Office:  +1-514-482-4242
    Home:  +1-514-485-0227
    Cell:  +1-514-513-2995
    Fax:  +1-514.482.6216
    Email: rabbi@adath.ca


    • Rabbi Avraham Steinberg
      Home: 02-561-7756         (From outside Israel:  +972-2-561-7756)

  • Rabbi Mordechai Halperin
    Cell: 052-260-2349         (From outside Israel:  +972-52-260-2349)

  • Rabbi Yigal Shafran
    Office: 02-653-6550       (From outside Israel:  +972-2-653-6550
    Home: 02-651-3217                                                      +972-2-651-3217)

  • Rabbi Shabtai Rappaport
    Cell: 052-607-1080         (From outside Israel:  +972-52-607-1080)